How to Get Lots of Storage Without a Tunnel Box

Posted by Miller Industries on Feb 16, 2018 9:30:00 AM
Miller Industries

If you need lots of storage for your autoloader, but don't want a tunnel box, because of visibility and manuverability, then the corrosion-proof PolyBody® option from Miller Industries is the way to go.   

The Vulcan 812 with PolyBody® option is just one example of how you can get plenty of storage space for your autoloader without a tunnel box. The PolyBody® option is available on all light-duty integrated-style autoloaders for both Century® and Vulcan® brands. 


The PolyBody® option integrates secure storage for your dollies and dolly axles.  The integrated dolly storage solution is ergonomically designed to help eliminate the common struggle and stress to the body when accessing your dolly system for use.  


Keeping your overall truck length short increases both your rear visibility and your maneuverability for making tight turns and 90º hook-ups- a must in narrow urban environments. 


The PolyBody® option has large slanted spacing on both sides of the boom/wheel lift arm to provide maximum driver-to-ground visibility during your recovery approach. 

In addition to the integrated dolly storage and great rear visibility, the PolyBody® option provides you with two wider side toolboxes.  These toolboxes are plenty big enough to accommodate your 5th wheel attachment device, trailer ball adapter, GoJacks®, chains, straps, and other accessories and tools.  Each toolbox is equipped with convenient heavy-duty automotive-style slam door closures.


As if this wasn’t enough, the PolyBody® itself is naturally corrosion proof, because it won’t rust or corrode, making it the perfect solution for snowy environments where roads are often treated with chemicals and salt. 


Whether you are looking to increase your rear visibility for fast repo’s, or you need better corrosion resistance, the PolyBody® option helps you achieve this and gives you plenty of convenient storage to get you in and out fast.  The PolyBody® option is available on all light-duty integrated-style autoloaders for both Century® and Vulcan® brands.  Check with your local distributor for full details and availability.



Vulcan® 812 Intruder II

Century® Express Series G2



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