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Looking for an Economical Heavy-Duty Towing Alternative?

A rear view image of the back end of a Holmes DTU- detachable towing unit.

Are you looking for an economical alternative for heavy-duty towing?  If so, the second generation DTU™ Gen 2 – (Detachable Towing Unit) is the way to go.  The DTU™ Gen 2 by Holmes® lets you take your existing wet line kit on your road tractor and convert it into a tow truck with a 35,000-lb. retracted underlift capacity.  The DTU mounting bracket is adjustable to fit the varying 5th wheel heights on different road tractors.

Image of the recovery boom of the Holmes DTU

In addition to the Holmes DTU fitting most road tractors, it also has an innovative design that makes it easy to install and remove, which means faster response times for multi-use tractors. 

Side view of the Holmes DTU stowed on the tow yard when not in use.

The DTU Gen 2 offers superior underlift lift heights and reach for maximum towing and recovery performance.  Add reduced overhang to the mix, and you have a high-performing towing system that is both economical and versatile.

Image of a Holmes DTU installed on the back of a road tractor with a wet line kit.

See the website link below for more information and to download the product brochure.  If you are interested in ordering a Holmes DTU, contact your local Miller Industries distributor. 

A rear view image of the back end of a Holmes DTU- detachable towing unit.

For more information on this product or other Miller Industries products please contact your local Miller Industries Distributor. Our network of knowledgeable distributors is the largest in the entire towing & recovery industry and they are ready and waiting to help with all your equipment needs.