Part III: Holmes 330 Junior Restoration

Posted by Miller Industries on Mar 8, 2018 5:05:19 PM
Miller Industries

The Holmes 330 Junior restoration is starting to come together.  More preparation work continues before Jeremy Tankersley “Tank” and Co. are able to begin painting and putting the pieces back together.


The frame had multiple breaks that had to be repaired before moving forward. Not only that, but all mechanical functions were seized due to sitting idle and being under constant exposure to the elements. All functions had to be reworked and are now operating properly.


Since the truck will be on display at a Children’s hospital, all mechanical functions of the wrecker are being painted using multiple bright colors for the kids.


Now that the wrecker, components, and cab are primered, the assembly process will begin! The original wrecker used by Dodd Brothers Service Center was painted white and bright purple. It wasn’t long ago that Tank learned the origin of the bright purple color used on the truck. An old friend, Tommy Clark, had asked Tank if it was going to be painted “Gulf Crest Purple” like the original. Gulf Crest Purple represented the top tier fuel sold at Gulf Service stations in the 50s.


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