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Posted by Miller Industries on Mar 30, 2020 2:22:07 PM
Miller Industries


Over the past several weeks, we have witnessed unprecedented times for our country. It is during these times that we, as an industry, and as a nation, truly shine. This is simple to see by witnessing the outpouring of support on social media for our heroic first responders.

As we witness the online recognition for our first responders and towing and recovery community, we realized that there is a need for an icon to represent towing and recovery. That said, we have worked to develop an icon that we feel is a good representation for our industry and we hope that you agree. Please feel free to use and distribute the icon as you wish to help raise awareness for our industry.

Files can be downloaded directly by saving the images below.

towing recovery first responders

road side vehicle towing

wrecker recovery first responders


fire police medical towing responders


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