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Boom Load Sensor Reset

Side view of a Century 1150 rotator with a versatile knee boom underlift.

Electronic boom sensors found on heavy-duty wreckers and rotators are very accurate. Over time with use and age, however, even sensors need to be reset sometimes. In this video, we show you how to reset the boom load sensors for the MMO and Raptor systems.

In this short video demonstration, we show you how to check the system gauges by leveling the truck and then how to reset the boom load sensor on a Century® 1150 rotator with a Raptor™ control system. The process for resetting the boom sensor is essentially the same on the MMO control system as it is shown in this video on the Raptor system. This is just one quick tip to help you maximize the effectiveness of your heavy-duty wrecker or rotator.

Should you have any issues or questions please reach out to your local Miller Industries distributor. They are a wealth of knowledge and are ready to help.