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Cummins® Class-8 Truck Chassis Air Intake System Maintenance Video

Representatives from Cummins Engine Company come to Miller Industries to show how to maintenance the Class 8 truck air intake systems.

This video is the second edition of the maintenance video series with Cummins Engine Company. In this video, we demonstrate some tips for changing the air filters on your class-8 heavy-duty truck chassis air intake system for the Cummins® X15 Performance Engine. Ensuring that your tow truck is maintenanced properly helps ensure maximum performance and efficiency. This video also guides you through the other maintenance checks needed to ensure proper air intake system performance.

We hope you find this video helpful. You can visit Cummins® and Paccar® websites for engine specifications and more maintenance information. If you haven’t yet had a chance to watch the first video in this Cummins® maintenance video series, just click here to watch our first video covering air filter maintenance on the Class-6 chassis.

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