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Lubricating Your Century® Heavy-Duty Wrecker

Image showing Mike Fraser of Miller Industries lubricating the tilt cylinders on a heavy-duty underlift.

Lubricating mechanical components is a vital step toward maintaining your wrecker. In this video, we demonstrate how to lubricate the Century® line of Heavy-Duty Integrated Wreckers. The Century® wrecker models covered in this video are the 4024, 5130, 5230, 7035, 9055, and 9055XL.

You should always reference your owner’s or maintenance manual for the exact steps required to service your specific model of wrecker. This being said, it is generally required to lubricate your wrecker at least once every month. More frequent lubrication may be required for certain components and dependent on weather or environmental conditions and the usage rate of your equipment.

The specific type of grease we recommend to use when lubricating your wrecker components is lithium-based high-pressure grease. This specific type of grease is rated for the extreme forces placed on the equipment, and it helps to protect the moving parts during towing and recoveries operations.

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For more information on maintaining your wrecker, please see our other maintenance videos here. You can also contact your local Miller Industries Distributor for questions, scheduling maintenance, or to purchase a new wrecker, rotator, or car carrier.