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Maintenance Monday: Setting Heavy-Duty Winch Drag

Picture showing DP winch partnering with Miller Industries to show how to change the gear oil in the PD heavy-duty winches.

Verifying the winch drag settings on your heavy-duty wrecker is an important maintenance item.  Our friends at TWG helped us create this helpful video that outlines why drag settings are so important, and also demonstrates how to set the tension for both the DP 35,000 lb. and 50,000 lb. winches.    In this video, we also clear up some common misconceptions around free-spool tension settings on our Century┬« and Vulcan┬«  heavy-duty wreckers and explain the differences between how the 35k and 50k winches function internally.  The tension applied to the winch drum during free-spool mode is a necessary component of paying out the wire rope.  Without adequate drag during the free spool mode and when walking out the wire rope to a casualty the tight wraps of wire rope on the drum could become displaced.  Displacement on the inner layers of the drum wraps could create damage to the wire rope over time.  We hope you find this video helpful.

For more information on TWG Products like winch specifications for the DP Winch product line, please visit TWG's website: