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Making Heavy Lifting Lighter

The redesigned evolution snatch block available exclusively from Miller Industries distributors.

Miller Industries is proud to offer a new lighter-weight series of snatch blocks for medium and heavy-duty recovery and lifting. These new Evolution blocks from Crosby and Mckissick, are sourced with our longtime partner Ashley Sling Inc. All of these new snatch blocks are exclusive to Miller Industries Distributors and are made in the United States with the highest quality rated metals.

Images shows all three of the different sizes of evolution snatch blocks from Miller Industries

These redesigned snatch blocks provide both the quality and durability that is required for the towing and recovery industry, which operates 24/7. One of the most important aspects of the Evolution Blocks is that they average over four and a half pounds lighter per block across all three of the newly redesigned blocks.

images showing the new evolution snatch block in the 8-ton capacity rating

The significant weight reduction is in part provided by the open-faced design, which brings an impressive weight reduction of up to 6 lbs. on the widely used 12-ton rated snatch block. This weight reduction translates to improved ergonomics during the use of these blocks, especially when lifting overhead, and thereby reducing the strain and muscle fatigue exerted on towers and the rigging crews.

Images showing a side view of the evolution snatch block exclusively at Miller Industries

For more information on this product or other Miller Industries products please contact your local Miller Industries Distributor. Our network of knowledgeable distributors is the largest in the entire towing & recovery industry and they are ready and waiting to help with all your equipment needs.