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2nd Generation Medium-Duty Underlift Brings Combined Solutions

This video demonstrates the benefits of the medium-duty 2nd generation underlift found on the Century® 3212Vulcan V-30®, and the Chevron™ 1016. Our medium-duty underlift crossbar comes with removable extension adapters that allow you to use the crossbar with forks or with the wide-load adjustable wheel grids and l-arm retainer attachments.  The wheel grid and l-arm retainer on the generation-two underlift features the ability to accommodate both the 4,000 lb. and 6,000 lb. l-arms across the differing styles.  Whether you are using the Vulcan-style or aluminum scoops or the standard steel l-arms, you have one retainer for all.

The removable extension adapters on the second-generation crossbar provide for maximum versatility to tow the wider tire layout found on package delivery trucks, while also allowing you to pick inside the narrow-width in between rear tandem axles.  Whatever your needs are within the class 5 towing applications or down to your standard autos and pick-up trucks, this medium-duty underlift offers a multitude of options.  

 Make sure to also see the second video in this series that covers the benefits of the redesigned fork holders (Miller Industries Part# 0810274).  

Download product specification sheets here:

Century 3212  | Vulcan V-30  |  Chevron 1016


For more information on availability and pricing contact your local distributor.  

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