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The World’s Largest Rotator

The Century M100 logo is shown on the introduction video.

On October 1st, 2019 we unveiled the first-ever 100-Ton Rolling Rotator- the Century® M100.  The M100 rotator offers a true 200,000 lb. lifting capacity that was engineered, tested, and documented to the highest SAE standards.  In this video, we showcase the making of history and the M100 rotator. 

The M100 project was originally coined “project Wildwood” to help maintain secrecy during its two years in development.  The Century® M100 is a unique rotator that offers a powerful rolling turret platform.  With its rolling design, the M100 rotator is like no other ever created and demonstrates a giant leap in advancement from previous designs. 

The M100’s massive recovery boom extends for an impressive 48.5 feet of reach.  This reach allows for superior recovery capability on the job site.  With 25 feet of outrigger stance, the M100 remains extremely stable at a maximum elevated hook height of 53.4 feet.  With the recovery boom fully extended, the M100 has a working area of more than 8,300 square feet.   To find out more information on the M100 watch the video below and check out its product page.

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