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Proper fork holder usage is critical during heavy-duty towing operations.  In this video our own John L. Hawkins discusses some of the common misconceptions when using fork holders, and demonstrates the way our fork holders were designed to be used.  Miller Industries offers a wide array of accessories, to include fork holders and other attachments.  Over the years we have taken the feedback from towers in the field and applied that to create towing attachments and accessories for the most common towing and recovery situations.  Whether ordering a new wrecker or just outfitting your toolbox, Miller Industries' line up of heavy-duty towing attachments covers everything from motor coaches to the latest over-the-road tractors.

Contact your local Miller Industries distributor for pricing or available information on fork holders or other attachments from Miller Industries.  

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Miller Industries was founded in 1990. Since its inception, the company has provided innovative high quality towing and recovery equipment world wide.

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