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Maintenance Monday: Power Wrapping Your Recovery Winch

One of the most important preparations a tow truck operator can do, is to make sure the wire rope on their recovery winch is tightly wrapped on the winch drum.  This process is referred to as "power wrapping".  This video discusses the importance of power wrapping the wire rope on your wrecker and carrier winches, while also demonstrating one technique that can be used to complete the power wrapping process.

There are several other easy methods that can be used, like an anchoring point or "Deadman", and while not shown, those methods are mentioned in this video.  Making sure that your recovery winch is power wrapped, will help tow truck operators be that much more ready to respond to any towing and recovery situation.  

For more information on the medium-duty wreckers, like those shown in this video, please see the product page links below.  

Medium-Duty Product Pages:

Vulcan® V-30 G2

Century® 3212 G2

Chevron® 1016 G2 

If you are interested in wrecker pricing or availability, please contact your local Miller Industries distributor

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