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Image of a ECCO branded light bar on a Miller Industries light-duty wrecker.

Miller Industries offers multiple light bar options for your heavy, medium, and light-duty wrecker. This video showcases the latest technology from ECCO and how the 12+ Series light bar could be a good fit when accessorizing your wrecker.

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Maintenance Monday: Power Wrapping Your Recovery Winch

Image showing a Vulcan v-30 wrecker having it's winches power wrapped

One of the most important preparations a tow truck operator can do, is to make sure the wire rope on their recovery winch is tightly wrapped on the winch drum. This process is referred to as “power wrapping”. This video discusses the importance of power wrapping the wire rope on your wrecker and carrier winches, while also demonstrating one technique that can be used to complete the power wrapping process.

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Maintenance Monday: Wire Rope Inspection

Images of Ashley Sling and John Hawkins from Miller Industries partnering to demonstrate how to inspect wire rope on wreckers.

Thanks to our friends over at Ashley Sling, we are able to provide you with this video covering the importance of conducting wire rope inspections on your tow truck. In this short video we talk about the frequency of wire rope inspections, as well as what you should look for when conducting inspections of wire rope.

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