A New Shining Star for Towing and Recovery

Autoloader Wheel Lift Tune-Up

Miller Industries™️ Spreader Bar Assembly & Usage

Miller Industries Frame Hook Overview

Brainstorming with the Pros : Session 4

New Dock Stabilizer for AutoGrip™️ II Underlift

Car Carrier Proper Operations Video

The Small But Mighty 10-Series Car Carrier

Century® M100 - 103,000 lb. Recovery Demonstration Video

Enhancing Car Carrier Recovery Capabilities

NEW Medium-Duty Info Page!

Boom Load Sensor Reset

Miller Industries Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

MMO Remote Synchronization

Raptor™ Remote Synchronization

Century® 5130- World's Most Popular Heavy-Duty Wrecker

20,000 lb. Underlift for Industrial Carriers

Short-Height Narrow-Width Heavy-Duty Axle Fork

Longer 3-Stage Heavy-Duty Underlift For Industrial Carriers

Miller Tech Tips: Configure Light Button

Miller Tech Tips: MMO & Raptor Screen Software Updates

Century 3212 Key Features

Century M100 Key Features

Century M100 Demo!

Light-Duty Manufacturing at Miller Industries

Century M100 Demo Sneak Peek

Vulcan V-70 Key Features

Towing with the Century M100!

Century 9055XL Recovery Demo!

Century 9055XL Key Features

Century 1150 Live Demo

Century 1135 Key Features

Century 7035 Key Features

Century 4024 Key Features

Introducing the Vulcan V-202

Towing and Recovery Industry Icon

Miller Tech Tips: T110 Remote Synchronization

Lubricating Your Century® Heavy-Duty Wrecker

Chain Hook Adapter Proper Use

Exclusive Masterack® System for Century® Heavy-Duty Wreckers

The World's Largest Rotator

3-Stage Heavy-Duty Boom Lubrication

Cummins® X15 Engine Fuel Filter Maintenance Video

Holmes® DTU Tips & Tricks

Advanced Tips & Tricks for the Collins Hi-Speed® Dollies

How to beat the King Pin!

Cummins® Class-8 Truck Chassis Air Intake System Maintenance Video

The Holmes® DTU Brings Versatility to Your Towing Fleet

4WD & AWD Towing Made Easy!

Cummins® Class-6 Truck Chassis Air Intake System Maintenance Video

Best Truck Chassis Warranties For Towing

Towing Attachments for Rear Towing

Right Approach: The Best tool for the job.

Lubricating your Control Station

Get the Best View...See the Difference!

There Is A Lot Riding On These Bolts!

Happy Holidays from Miller Industries!

Slow Down, Move Over for the Holidays

Sunscreen for your Rotator...?

Lifting the Bar for the Towing Industry

Miller Industries Exclusive:  Ramsey® Seirra 8k Winch

The Titan® C-Series Roll-Off System

Delivering The Next Generation of Car Carriers

Coming in town for the TN Tow Show? Stop by for a Plant Tour.

Maintenance Monday: Heavy-Duty Winch Gear Oil Change (Part 2)

Miller Industries Finish Paint Process

Maintenance Monday: Heavy-Duty Winch Gear Oil Change

Maintenance Monday: Setting Heavy-Duty Winch Drag

Miller Gives Back to Shriners Hospitals for Children

TRAILER TOWING: Heavy Trailer Hook-Up

Donation to the Wall of the Fallen Survivor Fund

A Better Way to Check Your Tire Pressure

TRAILER TOWING: Heavy-Duty 5th Wheel Attachment

Maintenance Monday: Guide to Car Carrier Lubrication

New Storage Option for your Medium-Duty Wrecker

Miller Gives Back to the DAV- Disabled American Veterans

Light On The Scales ...Heavy On Recoveries

Miller Industries Wins CRMA 2018 Company of the Year Award

Maintenance Monday: Heavy-Duty Snatch Blocks

Redesigned Fork Holders for Medium-Duty

Making Heavy Lifting Lighter


2nd Generation Medium-Duty Underlift Brings Combined Solutions

Holmes 330 Junior "Sally" Restoration

Maintenance Monday: Heavy-Duty Endless Loop Strap Slings

Hook'in It Up...With Car Carrier Wheellift Options

Part V: Holmes 330 Junior "Sally" Restoration

Miller Gives Back to The Miracle League of Chattanooga

Maintenance Monday: Medium-Duty Lubrication Points

Saddle Up & Ride with This Heavy-Duty Option


Maintenance Monday: How to Fix Your Leaky Car Carrier Toolbox

It's All About The Angles!

Carrier Tool Box Overview

Rotator Rumble: Anchoring & Winching from The Side

Part IV: Holmes 330 Junior Restoration

Maintenance Monday: Power Wrapping Your Recovery Winch

VULCAN® 3rd Winch Option

Part III: Holmes 330 Junior Restoration

Miller Gives Back to the International Towing & Recovery Museum and Hall of Fame

Get Ready for Bike Week!

Part II: Holmes 330 Junior Restoration

A Must Have For Your Medium & Heavy-Duty Wrecker

Maintenance Monday: Wire Rope Inspection

Rotator Rumble: Anchoring & Winching from The Rear


Solutions For Your Toolbox

Chevron Auto-Grip Wheel-lift Lubrication

How to Get Lots of Storage Without a Tunnel Box

Heavy Lifting Made Easy

Miller Gives Back in a Big Way to Susan G. Komen

Carrier wheel-lift Lubrication

Looking for an Economical Heavy-Duty Towing Alternative?

Mean, Green, Heavy Lifting Machine!

Stay Powered Up for Heavy-Duty Recoveries

How Low Can You Go!

There's nothing Hazy about this Purple century 1150 rotator!

New Solutions for Heavy Loads

Lets Dig In ...To Rotator Add-Ons

Making a Difference for Children with Disabilities in East Tennessee


SlideWinder™ Winch Option

Happy Holidays!



Miller Expands Titan® Product Line

TOWMATE® Wireless Light Bar Video

Happy Thanksgiving

Longer Recovery Boom Launched

Miller Industries Proudly Supports Regional Susan G. Komen Foundation Affiliate

Heading To Baltimore

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