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Innovation For Heavy-Duty Towing

Miller Industries dual fork holders for heavy-duty towing

We are proud to introduce dual fork holders for heavy-duty towing. Traditional single fork holders have been used for many years, with an optional bolt-on extender for adding a wider stance for the towing fork. With these new innovative dual fork holders, towers no longer need the additional wider-stance extender. This helps to reduce cost for tow companies and more than doubles the efficiency when on the roadside.

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SlideWinder™ Winch Option

Image of the slide winder winch package installed and in use on a Miller Industries car carrier

Check out this video demonstration of our SlideWinder™ winch option. This option allows for easy winching onto your car carrier when faced with offset pull points found on many late-model vehicles. The SlideWinder™ winch option is available on select Century, Vulcan, and Chevron car carriers.

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